Honeycomb Grease Filters

Quality & Performance

img_honey-comb2 img_honey-comb1Our very own honeycomb grease filters are available in both  http://pablobeita.com/page/20/ Stainless steel and Aluminum. Designed to catch maximum grease with minimum resistance, specifically manufactured for Australian made commercial kitchen range hoods.

Recent tests on extreme temperatures, pressure loss and various cleaning products, have proven our honeycomb grease filters are not only built to the highest standard, but are also manufactured to meet the relevant Australian standards AS1668.2 -2012 and AS1530.1

Aluminum Honeycomb filters

img_honey-comb3These Light, easy to remove aluminum honeycomb grease filters are the most affordable option for  commercial kitchen exhaust hoods, and are available in  6 different sizes to suit a wide range of different types of commercial kitchen canopies.

The outside frame is made up of a hardened 2mm aluminum channel, fixed with stainless steel rivets for strength. The inside aluminum media is made up of 50mm wide double compound foil strip specifically curved and joined to cause incoming air to change direction stopping the grease particles from entering into the exhaust hood, ducting, roof fans etc.

It’s the maximum grease protection and affordability that makes our aluminum honeycomb filter, the number 1 used grease filter across Australia and New Zealand.

Standard Sizes in Aluminum

HF001457 x 381 x 5015 x 18 x 2680 +  – 3.5 %
HF002495 x 394 x 5019.5 x 15.5 x 2680 + – 3.5%
HF003495 x 495 x 5019.5 x 19.5 x 2680 + – 3.5%
HF004495 x 254 x 5019.5 x 10 x 2680 + – 3.5%
HF005622 x 394 x 5024.5 x 15.5 x2680 + – 3.5%
HF006622 x 495 x 5024.5 x 19.5 x 2680 + – 3.5%

* Prices start from $24 per filter

Stainless Steel Honeycomb filters

images1Our Stainless steel honeycomb grease filters are fabricated completely out of stainless steel. These heavy structured filters are built to handle ongoing high temperatures of up to 95 degrees.

Only these strong grease filters are suitable for heavy cooking such as charcoal cooking and char grilling.

If cleaned regularly they also act as a flame protection barrier stopping fire from entering the range hood and ducting causing further damage.

Unlike the aluminum honeycomb filter, the Stainless steel inside structure is much easier to clean and is dishwasher safe.

These filters comply with Australian standards AS1668.2 and AS1530.1

Advantages of Stainless steel Honeycomb filters

  • Easier to clean with non corrosive stainless steel finish
  • Stronger material outlasting aluminum honeycomb x 10
  • Handles high temperatures of up to 95 degrees
  • Flame protection stopping further damage in case of fire
  • Complies with Australian standards and relevant building codes

Standard Sizes in Stainless Steel

ITEMSIZE MMAir flow specifications
SHF01495 x 495 x 50510 liters/second at 2.54 m/s
SHF02495 x 394 x 50400 liters/second at 2.54m/s

Packaging & Freight

honeycomb-filters5Each filter is checked stamped and carefully packed in boxes of six with protection cardboard to limit any possible damage during shipping.

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