Stainless Steel Soak Tanks

What makes GM Industries the leader in soak tank manufacture?

  • No locked in contracts or commitments with our cleaning products, we give you the freedom to use the buy accutane in singapore soak tank as needed to suit your business.
  • We offer payment plans without interest or rental agreements.
  • The most competitive upfront prices
  • Our warranty covers all parts and labour, not JUST parts.
  • Spacious soak tanks to suit all needs
  • We carry all spare parts in stock at all times
  • Fast and ongoing telephone and email assistance.
  • A growing quality record in the industry of Pubs, Taverns, Cafes Restaurants and bakeries through out Australia

What are the advantages of soak tanks?

Forget paying ongoing costs for range hood filter cleaning service; it’s very easy and simple to self-clean your filters in your soak tank. Eliminate labour time in scrubbing baking trays, pots, pans, baking straps utensils etc. Our tanks are so efficient, refilling our tanks are only required once a month. Saving on the water required with continuous hand washing. Most importantly, a soak tank gives you the freedom of maintaining a healthy.

Why pay up front for a soak tank?

Ever heard the expression “rent money is dead money”?

The answer is simple; the life of a soak tank is a minimum of 10 years before any parts need to be replaced. The average rental cost in Australia for even a smaller tanks is approximately $250 per month, total rental over a 10 year period is approximately $3000 per / year x 10 years = 30 THOUSAND DOLLARS (and you still don’t own it). As an example, by purchasing one of our large sizes soak tanks for $2800 over a 10 year period you are looking at less than $24.00 per month and $288.00 per year that you have already paid up front.

And, just to make it even better value and easier for new businesses, not only are we a registered business for Silver Chef Finance, we also offer our own interest free payment plan over a 4 month period (contact us about the monthly payments).

This is what makes GM Industries the most competitive supplier of soaks tanks in Australia.

Usage and Storage

Our Soak tanks have been custom designed in size to suit both small to large businesses. We have 2 size tanks on offer to suit both small or large commercial kitchens. For regular smaller Items, simply fill the tank to the desired level to suit your needs. For small or large Items such as commercial grease filters, large pots, pans and baking trays. For maximum use, Fill the tank 15cm below the top. Although spacious inside, our tanks have been designed to fit neatly under any standard commercial kitchen bench top.

Small Tank

Large Tank